44th SELECT Ulzburg-Cup 2019 - Dates, Registration Fee, Deposit, Cup-Card

SELECT Ulzburg Cup Conditions of Participation


For Youth-D and Youth-C adhesives in the sports halls are strictly forbidden!

For Youth-B and Youth-A adhesives in the sports halls are permitted.


Registration will be possible after publication of the invitation and activation of the online form. The registration will only be considered complete once the registration fee has been paid entirely. Reimbursement of the registration fee is not possible, unless the registration cannot be accepted due to demand exceeding placement.

Deadline for payment

The registration fee per team is € 150 and is payable upon registration. A deposit of € 200.00 is required per club and must be transferred by July 31st. If the deposit is not received by July 31st, the registration will be voided and the registration fee will not be returned. The deposit will be transferred back after the tournament, provided there is no reason for retention (short-term cancellation, no-show, damage, early departure, etc.). The deposit will also be retained if only one registered team from the club cancels at short notice, does not start or leaves before the end of the tournament.

Fees for the ordered Cup-Cards (€ 85.00 per person) must be transferred to our accounts by March 31st. Cup-Cards can be canceled free of charge until August 15th. After August 15th, 50% of the costs for Cup-Cards will be retained for cancellations, 100% (i.e. no refund) for cancellations after September 15th. Additional cup cards can be ordered up to one week before the tournament begins, but cup shirts are subject to availability in this case.

Deregistration and no-show

The deposit will be retained if you cancel after September 15th and if you do not show up to the tournament.

Accommodation and meals

Our Cup-Cards are your ID cards for accomodation and meals and cost € 85.00 per person. This fee covers for the players of Youth-D and Youth-A: sleeping accommodations for 3 nights, 3x breakfast and 2 hot dinners, as well as free shuttle service, free entry to the Beckersberg natural swimming lake and a cup T-shirt. In addition, services will be provided by our partners and will be published in the Cup magazine, as well as several other events we will set up over the next few months.

Splitting services to reduce the Cup-Card price is not possible.

On special request, we also offer vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free meals. These meals have to be ordered in advance, the order is binding and cannot be changed on the day of the event.

Our hot dishes for dinner do not contain pork.

The hot dinners are freshly prepared by the Butchery Nowatzki of Henstedt-Ulzburg and are of the highest quality. The same applies to the offered breakfast.

Cup-Cards and registration details

Any registered team wishing to purchase Cup-Cards is required to submit their order online by July 31st, using the appropriate form (registration details). The online form is estimated to be available on our website by May and can be edited and sent online. Unless the registration details form is filled on time, we cannot guarantee that the t-shirts will be available in all sizes. Claims to certain sizes expire in the event of a late registration details.

Fans and supporters, accomodations, camping and parking ...

Cup-Cards and accommodations can not be offered for accompanying parents and siblings or other fans of the teams. We ask fellow travelers to contact the hotels in Henstedt-Ulzburg and the surrounding area well in advance for the overnight stay.

Campers, Caravans and coach buses cannot be parked in the limited parking spaces at the Alstergymnasium. Campers and caravans parked there will be reported and towed at owner's expense if necessary.

Overnight camping in the parking areas is strictly prohibited. For campers we recommend the campground "Ulmenhof" in Götzberg, only 5 km away from the main tournament location.



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