43rd SELECT Ulzburg-Cup 2019 - Dates, Registration Fee, Deposit, Cup-Card



The 43rd SELECT Ulzburg-Cup for the age categories born 2005 / 2006 (Youth C) and 2007 / 2008 (Youth D) takes place from 31st of May till 2nd of June 2019 (Ascension Day).


-150,00 € registration fee per team


-200,00 € bail per club


Adhesives are strictly prohibited in all sports halls“


The 42nd SELECT Ulzburg-Cup for the age categories born 2001 / 2002 (Youth A) and 2003 / 2004 (Youth B) takes place from 7th May till 10th May 2019 (Pentecost).


-150,00 € registration fee per team


-200,00 € bail per club


Adhesives are allowed in all sports halls for youths B and A“






Registration is possible right after the publication of the invitation and the opening of the online registration. Your registration is officially binding when your registration fee (150,00 € per Team) has been transferred to our bank account. Repayments of registration fees are not possible. We allocate the places on a “first come-first serve"-basis.


Final dates for payment: The registration fee per team is 150,00€ and is due upon registration. An additional deposit of 200,00 € per club is required and payable until  30th March 2019. In case, we do not receive the deposit by 30th March 2018, registration will be cancelled with no refund of the registration fees for all registered teams of the club. The deposit will be refunded after the tournament, providing we do not see any reason to keep it (damage to public property (arenas. accommodations, surroundings), no-shows, early departure etc.). The deposit will also be kept, if only one team of a club does not show up. Cup-Card fees (85,00 € p.p.) are to be paid until 15th April 2019. Until then, they can be cancelled free of charge. After that, cancellations will be charged with 50 % of the Cup-Card costs. Cancellations after 1st May 2019 are not granted any refund. Additional cup cards can be ordered until one week before the start of the tournament. In the latter case, cup shirts are only available on site.



No-Show and Cancellation


No-shows despite registration will lead to loss of the registration fee. The deposit of 200,00 € is to be paid until 1st Mary 2019. If we don’t receive the fee by that date, we’ll give your place to another team and your registration fee is lost. No-shows and cancellations after 1st May 2019 the deposit will also be kept. Same applies in case only one team of a club is cancelled.


Accommodation and meals


For accommodation and meals we offer the Cup-Card. The Cup-Card costs 85,00 € per person. For youths D till A it includes 3 overnight stays, 3 x breakfast, 2 x warm meal as well as your own cup-shirt, a free shuttle service to arenas 5 and 6, free entry to our outdoor swimming pool Beckersberg and access to offers provided by our partners, which will be published in our Cup-Magazine. It is not possible to split the services of the Cup-Card in order to reduce the price. When it comes to meals, we offer normal and Vegetarian meals. Gluten and lactose free food can only be offered on special demand. We do not use pork in any of our meals. The order of gluten and lactose-free as well as Vegetarian food is binding and cannot be cancelled during the tournament as the cards are programmed to measure. Our warm meals are provided by a local butcher, freshly-made and of highest quality. The same applies to our breakfast.


Cup-Cards and Detailed Forms


All teams, which like to order Cup-Cards are asked to fill in the detailed online form till 30th March 2019. The online form will be available soon. We are not able to provide your team with cup-shirts in all sizes, if we do not receive your order in time. There is no claim of sizes, if you didn't send your order till the mentioned date.


Please be aware, that there is no possibility to offer Cup-Cards to fellows of the team. Cup-Cards are just available for teams and referees. Every team has to be accompanied during the staying in the Cup-Hotels by a responsible leader.


Fans and supporters, staying overnight


Fellows (parents, siblings or other supporters) are asked to find accommodation in one of the hotels in Henstedt-Ulzburg and neighbouring towns. Camping and parking of campers or busses is forbidden on the parking ground in front of the Cup-Hotel 1 and Arena 1 and 2. We are not able to provide campers with electric power or drinking water. We recommend campers to use the camping ground “Ulmenhof” in Götzberg – Henstedt-Ulzburg – only 5 Km from the Cup-Hotel.


SELECT Ulzburg-Cup Zone, Hotel Zone, Arena Zone, Event Zone....


Also the 43rd SELECT Ulzburg-Cup takes it all: The SELECT Ulzburg-Cup zone is huge but because of its central location all zones are reachable in a few minutes on foot. Inside this zone, you find the cup arenas 1 till 4, the cup hotel zone with the cup hotels 1 and 2, the event zone just behind arenas 1 and 2, the location for the Midnight Beach-Handball-Party, snacks and drinks, a sports-shop, print-service for your Cup-Shirt and meeting point for all participants as well as the lake "Beckersberg", a natural outdoor swimming pool, which makes the hearts of water-lovers beat faster.


And… go …


So? Are you interested in participating in the 43rd SELECT Ulzburg-Cup? We are looking forward to receiving you at Northern Germany’s biggest handball party in Henstedt-Ulzburg. Keep up to date with our facebook fan page “Ulzburg-Cup” and also with our free Ulzburg-Cup app, available in every app store and for every operating system for free.


We are available for all your questions and doubts at info[at]ulzburg-cup.com.


What else?


If we knew that… Anyone, who has ever participated in our tournament knows that until the start of the tournament we’ll prepare some more surprises for you. Just “like” our facebook page and keep up to date


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